Power Love & Hate

An Exclusive Interview With Power On Love & Hate And Cosmic Creativity 


We were delighted to have the opportunity to interview Power, a rapidly emerging rapper, regarding his latest EP; Love & Hate. During the conversation, this up-and-coming hip-hop sensation delved into his unique method of conveying the complex emotions of love and hate through his music. He says that he draws inspiration from his personal experiences, tapping into memories of past relationships to compose lyrics and create videos. 

Power emphasizes vulnerability as essential to his creative process, expressing himself authentically without concern for others’ opinions. Influenced by hip-hop icons like Tupac and Nipsey Hussle, he strives to balance meaningful themes and his unique artistic voice by staying true to his messages while also crafting sonically impactful music. 

His creative flow is driven by his spiritual lifestyle, including fasting, meditation, and maintaining a clean state of mind. Power channels cosmic messages through solitude, using his deep connection with the universe to write and produce songs. His personal journey, marked by survival and transformation, has fueled his dedication to uplifting others through his music. 

Power also teases a set of new releases, including his debut album One Love, embodying his vision of unity and love, and upcoming singles that offer fans a preview of the anticipated record.

Find out more about Power in the interview below.

In your impressive new EP, Love & Hate, you capture the contrast between two intense emotions. Can you share how you approached the process to effectively convey complex relationships while also embracing vulnerability?

To be quite honest, I know it sounds cliche but I just keep it real with everything that I do. I just tapped back into my memory banks of my past relationships, the highs and lows, the darkness and light, and thus the love and hate that I had experienced in my life. 

I write all my songs straight from the heart, so with this new EP, I closed my eyes and envisioned the past memories when I wrote  / produced the music videos and came up with the treatments. I honestly didn’t have to think about my approach, I just simply wrote from true life experiences and how I actually felt during those moments /  chapters of my life, and that’s how the lyrics got composed. 

When writing the treatment for the music videos, it was the same process; all I had to do was reminisce back to real life experiences that I had actually encountered during previous relationships in my life; the times when I felt truly in love, and when I was engulfed in flames of hate. 

Vulnerability is a way of life for me; I wear my heart on my sleeve, I don’t hold back when I express myself or how I feel or whenever I want to communicate anything to anyone. That’s how I make truly great art, by being vulnerable and not even remotely thinking about what others have to say about it. It’s all about being your true authentic self all the way through.

Power Love & Hate

Inspired by hip-hop icons like Tupac and Nipsey Hussle, who tackled social issues through their music, how do you strike a balance between sharing important themes and staying true to your unique artistic voice?

It took me some time, like 9 years to figure out my process. I knew I wanted to deliver positive, uplifting messages for the entire planet to receive, it’s just that the sonic musical soundscape that they required  (in order to have mainstream impact) wasn’t there yet. 

When I first started out, my music sounded like conscious hip hop, like it could have been off of a J. Cole or Kedrick Lamar album. I had to test different styles and approaches when creating the music; I knew the messages I wanted to send, but I also knew to be successful, the music had to be sonically great in terms of melodies, choruses and hard hitting verses. 

I am still to this day truly inspired by Nipsey and Tupac, in fact I am surrounded by their posters and quotes on my walls all around me as I respond to your questions, as we speak, for real. They both had their purposes and unique messages, and I have my own, as does each and every human being on this planet. I draw inspiration from them and still believe in their causes till this day. 

My balance comes from silencing and drowning out all that outer noise, and tuning into my own inner world, and listening to the themes that I feel strongly about, and then I get to creating. 

I’m passionate about speaking out against all the current ills of society, and I plan on infusing all if my creations with positively impactful themes, but I also strongly feel that this world needs more love, and that’s the main fabric I try to weave and sew all of my artistic creations from. This world needs more positive, uplifting music and films, in order to raise their spirits and put them in a positive mindstate and overall vibration. I kept it true and 100 from the rip, and I plan on doing that till the very end.

Can you describe a particular experience where your songs not only impacted your audience but also acted as a source of strength for you during a challenging time? 

Yeah for sure, I have many people tell me that these songs have helped them cope with their real life situations. We all have been through relationships, and we all know how that whole makeup to breakups situation; it’s an emotional rollercoaster and that’s what this EP accurately portrays. We all go through love and hate in the relationships that we have, with all the people in our lives. Everyone can relate, whether you’re in a long term relationship or recently separated from your ex….we all have arguments, we all have passionate moments where we are all madly in love, highs and lows , pain and frustration, and divine heavenly bliss.

I think people just need to hear/see something that they can relate to that is going on in their life at that time, and it gives them strength just knowing that they are not alone, that someone else has gone through this, or is currently going through it. We are never alone, and when we learn that someone else can relate or has experienced what we have, it instantly gives us strength; more fuel to our fires. Separating from someone you love is a very painful process, and “Love Crime” is like medicine for the soul man. If you’re referring to other tracks of mine, I know they too have had a positive impact and helped a lot of people get through tough times, and I plan on continuing that legacy.

The idea of channeling significant messages from the universe is fascinating. Can you explain how you access this creative flow while composing your songs? 

I create in solitude, simply said. I live a super spiritual lifestyle; I fast for 23 hours every day, I meditate for 1-2 hours per day, and I keep my mind, body and spirit clean and pure as can be. I don’t drink or smoke or do any drugs, I’m a super sober soul and proud of it! After I’m done working out /raising my vibration first thing in the morning, I’ll come home and meditate. After that, I’m totally connected to the cosmos, so I get to my desk , put my phone on silent and I get straight to writing. I sit in total silence, all alone, and play the beat I’m about to write to… and then just waves of creative visions and sonic sounds chanell down into, and through me. I can hear the music in my mind, what I’m about to create, and when I record what I wrote, it comes out exactly like how I can hear it in my mind. 

I’ve lived this lifestyle for the past 9 years, so my cosmic connection/universal antennas only grow stronger by the day, it’s like Wi-Fi, and I’m running at fiber optic speed right now! That’s the way I create, the same with the films that I write/produce for the music that has been created…the exact same process. Out of the 37 records I cut this year, 35 of them I wrote in this manner, in one single sitting; I started writing and didn’t get up until the total song was finished, the verses, bridges, choruses, melodies, intro and outros, everything. 

Of those 35 songs, I didn’t record a demo or anything, I didn’t have a home studio to do that at the time where I was living I just simply wrote them on my phone, and I knew how they were going to sound, and so I just went to the studio the next day and out they came, exactly like I had envisioned them to be. I never really rehearsed or sang them out loud fully, I just knew how they would sound, only just rehearsed practiced the verse a bit to make sure the stanzas were complete and flowed together, and sang the hooks out loud to make sure the timing and melody was there, but I never recorded and played back what it sounded like before getting to the studio and actually laying down the lead vocals.

I would just sit in my house and write song after song after song…speaking of which, we got an endless supply of bangers dropping your way very soon! I’m just the conduit, the vessel that the universe is channeling its creations. expressions through, so I can’t really take any credit. I’m just downloading it all, and then bringing it into existence. Manifestation at its finest ; you can call me the master magician.

Your personal journey, marked by surviving near-death experiences, has led you to dedicate yourself to preventing others from taking a similar path. Can you share a moment when you realized that your music was not just a means of expression but a powerful tool for steering people away from darkness?

Music is very powerful….. it controls your thoughts, emotions, and thus your entire mind and state of being. I was heavily influenced by music; the type of music I was listening to was determining my state of mind and outlook on life, for better or for worse. When I would listen to positive, uplifting conscious music like Nipsey, Tupac, Nas, Lupe Fiasco, J.Cole, and Kendrick, it left me SO INSPIRED! I then knew I could have the same positive impact on other people, and speak out about all the hardships, setbacks, trials, tribulations, and the overall darkness that I had endured and overcome in my life,  through my own music. 

These artists had such a profound positive impact on my life, they truly inspired me, and so I got to making music where I could share my own experiences to help other get out of the streets, and stop any negative destructive behaviors that they be living by, simply by sharing the life lessons that I painfully had to learn the hard way. 

After I had my first studio session and recorded my first track, that was it for me; I knew I could do it and that I was going to dedicate myself to a higher purpose by adding value to other people’s lives, through music and films, because that’s how we are influenced these days, by media in general. Again, for better or for worse. Music is medicine for the soul. I plan on sticking to creating art to better the world, and to help heal all the pain that is out there.

In your soon-to-be-released debut album, One Love, it appears that you’re embodying your vision of unity and love. Can you provide insight into how you created this record?

By accumulating knowledge and wisdom and life lessons! I had to learn that the more selfish I was, the more I thought I was separate from you, the more pain and suffering I was causing myself. Then as I started to see other people as part of me, as one with me, the more positive and enjoyable life became. I wouldn’t lose my sh*t anymore, even when I was triggered, once I realized WE ARE ALL THE SAME, WE ARE ALL ONE. We all come from the same fire; we are all but just different expressions and sparks of the same flame. We are all brothers and sisters, we are all family, we are all one. 

I had to read books and listen to YouTube videos for years to elevate my consciousness. I had to purify and meditate. I had to set an example by living and practicing what I preached first in order to create this album, and so the transformational journey began… More importantly, I had to evolve and grow from life lessons to transform and heighten my perspective and outlook on life. I had to step out of the matrix, and truly start  to embody all of these principles that I was being taught and shown by the universe. I had to become the embodiment of unity consciousness, and that’s what I created here; a therapeutic medicinal sonic compilation of peace, love, and positivity for the mind, body, and soul I created this album because it is truly my life’s purpose, and nothing can be more powerful than what you came to this planet to do.

Apart from the EP, do you have any upcoming singles that might offer fans a preview of your anticipated album?

Yes ! We do! We have a bunch of singles coming straight at ya very soon! You can anticipate seeing many new singles from this new album dropping soon, including “hookup,” “Higher,” “Play With Me,” “is it True,” and “You’re the one.” That’s just the first bunch of singles coming your way… Stay Tuned and keep it locked, because we have plenty more in store for you before this new Album ‘One Love’ drops! Much love and stay Blessed y’all!

Listen to Power’s Love & Hate below: