Ari Lennox Has Parts Ways With Management Team Following Record Label Woes


Ari Lennox’s camp announced on Tuesday (March 15) the Shea Butter Baby singer has officially parted ways with her management team, less than a month after expressing her frustration with her label situation on Twitter.

“Ari Lennox and her management team Black Wax amicably decided to part ways,” Lennox’s team said in a statement. “Lennox first signed with the company in 2012. She still considers them family and is beyond thankful for the business ventures and memories. She’s currently working on her sophomore album and is excited for the future endeavors that are in store for her.”

The announcement comes after the Dreamville signee tweeted she was “done and tired” with her label situation at Interscope and Dreamville.

“I want to be dropped from the labels,” she wrote. “I’m done and tired.”

She later replied to a fan, “Shut up! The interview was the icing on the cake. I want to be free,” which was written in reference to an uncomfortable sit-down with Podcast and Chill, where the interviewer MacG asked if someone was sexually satisfying the R&B singer.

“And I’m never doing another interview again,” she wrote in a since-deleted tweet. “I been on this sober high for weeks. Genuine gratefulness and happiness. But then… men. Every time… never fails.”

She had previously written in a separate tweet that she was not only fed up with her label, but with social media too.

“sm is a traumatizing unhealthy place,” she wrote. “You are only accepted here if your perfect and seemingly happy at all times. When every single life knows that’s not realistic. People cry, people complain, people are mad in real life. I just never cared to be a fake ass bitch.”

Revisit the uncomfortable interview below.