Big Jade Reps East Texas with Unapologetic Realness

unnamed-21 Big Jade Reps East Texas with Unapologetic Realness

While she has a new video dropping today, your first intro to her should be “RPM” (produced by Beatking), which shows off her impressive rapping skills while she does a friend’s hair (her long-time day job). She’s unashamed, unapologetic, and uncut. “It’s real. That’s how I grind and get money,” admits Jade. “I’m not out here getting rap money yet; I’m popular on Instagram. Rappers are scared to say they’re doing something else just to make it. Where are you getting the money to invest in yourself and make it happen? Because that’s where it all starts for all of us.”

One of the many things to love about Jade is her no-nonsense attitude that empowers her to be genuinely herself– even if that means going against the status quo and showing up to an interview rocking a natural makeup-free look. In “Respectfully,” that attitude comes through as she flexes on her haters and lets them know she’s a boss b*tch focused on getting her money.

Though Houston club legend BeatKing is her producer and mentor, Jade has grown her fanbase and attracted the attention of Alamo by living her truth as a hard-working Black woman. And while she’s still juggling her rap dreams and her hairstyling day job (and even combining the two in most cases), she has earned accolades from Pitchfork and Lyrical Lemonade and support from artists including Offset, Asian Doll, and DeJ Loaf.