Blink’s “Wanna Party” is A Great Release For All To Enjoy


Don’t blink, or you’ll miss the speedster. “I’m in a good mood, and I’m here to party.” Blink offers a festive release, which genuinely vibes with anyone who likes rap and smooth lines. A captivating beat is accompanied by the rapper’s flawless flow, creating a mixture of summer and partying moods. 

The rapper indeed loves his women. For most of the song, he walks in a sunny city surrounded by women, boasting his lavish lifestyle while offering a clean performance. 

The title says it all. “Wanna Party” is just the type of music you want to hear at a gathering of friends, a warm, welcoming track that will most definitely resonate with the audience. The song is catchy; you might even catch yourself listening to it multiple times in a row. 

Blink seems like a great guy to hang out with. Surely, his parties are filled with passion and energy. The song is an incorporation of various segments of fun, sun, and ear candy for everyone to enjoy. 

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