Blueface Caught By Son’s Mom On Livestream During Child’s Birthday Party


Blueface’s fast living in the eye of social media has landed him in hot water again. Not with fans who believe his ‘BGC’ house is a “cult” but instead the mother of his son, Jaidyn Alexis.

The rapper was on a live stream on Twitch on Wednesday (April 28) with gamer Aidn Ross and “Moonwalking In Calabasas” collaborator DDG when Alexis called him audibly upset about missing his son’s birthday party.

“It’s your son’s birthday and you’re over here fucking around,” Alexis tells Blueface. “And embarrassing me in front of every fucking body. You keep saying you’re sorry but you keep…”

Blueface then apologizes her, telling her he’s on the way to the party before hanging up. With Ross visibly shocked at the entire conversation, Blueface assures him, “I can stay for five more minutes.”

Not long after the initial argument, Alexis calls back as Blueface tells her he’s doing some “promotional business stuff” and he had been in a blue Power Ranger suit entertaining his son earlier in the day.

The issues with Jaidyn have been public in recent years, including a fight at the BGC house where Jaidyn knocked out a woman’s tooth. In May 2020, she smashed a window at his California home after the two got into an argument.

With all the drama surrounding him and Jaidyn, Blueface quickly defended himself and the rest of the Blue Girls Club ladies. On Monday (April 26), he confirmed the BGC was part of a reality series where he flies out different women from all over the country and takes care of their financial needs.

“we don’t tolerate any sexual conduct between men and women,” he added. “so the women do tend to grow interest in each other because of this but they are adults at the end of the day it’s only so much I can control so what they do with each other is apart of the show subscribe rn to see more.”