Blueface Hypes Up Jaidyn Alexis’ New Single, Social Media Users Are Split


The mother of Blueface’s first two children, Jaidyn Alexis, dropped off her third single today. The song centers around her BBL, which she’s gotten clowned for in the past. Blueface also appears on the song, recently taking to Twitter to call it “bars.” Social Media Users have shared their thoughts, and as expected, they’re split.

Many appear to not be feeling Jaidyn’s latest track. Some are even taking the opportunity to make more fun of her BBL in the comments section. A lot of the hate appears to center more around Blueface’s relationship with Jaidyn, as his ex Chrisean Rock just had their child a few days ago. Since the birth of Chrisean Jr., the two of them have been going back and forth on social media, with Blueface even making custody threats. Things have gotten pretty ugly between them in recent days, and Blueface claims to be focused on making things right with Jaidyn.

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Blueface Sats Jaidyn’s Got “Bars”

Some social media users, on the other hand, are digging Jaidyn’s new song. “Post Opp” follows Jaidyn’s first two singles, “Workout” and “Stewie.” Her new rap career is part of Blueface’s new label, “MILF Music.” Jaidyn’s a frequent target for hate, but is now turning her haters’ criticism into music.

Earlier this month, Blueface took to his Instagram Story to flex Jaidyn’s BBL. Social media users quickly started to make fun of her figure, claiming that it’s disproportionate. Luckily, Jaidyn and Blueface claim to be more than happy with the way her body turned out, and Blueface even says it’s the best $30K he’s ever spent. “I think my Bm a** looks great feels great taste great I’m da only one in there so y would we care,” he wrote on Twitter. Jaidyn also poked fun at the controversy her backside was causing, writing “Not my a** being reportable news” alongside a laughing emoji. Leave your thoughts on “Post Opp” in the comments section, and Keep an eye on HNHH for more updates on Blueface and Jaidyn Alexis.

Social Media Reacts To “Post Opp”

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