Blueface Teases “Surprise Feature” For Jaidyn Alexis’ New Single


“Post Opp” is set to be the newest single from Jaidyn Alexis. If you’re unaware, she’s the the social media star and on-off beau of Blueface. According to Blueface himself, the track will have a “secret feature”. Alexis’ recent spate of music releases has been doing pretty well, with “Workout” getting a co-sign from Saucy Santana. Meanwhile, Alexis has also seen some good traffic from her track “Stewie”. However, it’s currently unclear where she stands with Blueface. Her baby daddy appears to be back with Chrisean Rock for the moment.

However, the announcement on social media has not been met with a lot of positivity. People have taken the song’s title, “Post Opp” to assume that the song is yet another track that features Alexis rapping about her BBL. Meanwhile, other commenters have argued that if it’s not surprise if the feature turns out to be Blueface himself. Furthermore, yet more people argued that Alexis’ music is trash. Additionally, they have aruged that it wouldn’t get a second look if not for her relationship with Blueface.

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Blueface Defends Jaidyn Alexis From Trolls

However, musical critique is not the only thing Blueface has had to defend Alexis from. Earlier this year, it was reported that the rapper had dished out $30K for Alexis to get a BBL. He has since called it “the best $30K he ever spent”. Meanwhile, Alexis has managed to work a reference to it into pretty much ever single she has released. Despite this, the news has also garnered plenty of trolls for the couple.

“I think my Bm ass looks great feels great taste great I’m da only one in there so y would we care,” he wrote. Best 30k I ever spent that’s the hottest topic rn I’m invested,” Blueface wrote on social media in response to the haters. However, he did appear to acquiesce on one topic – that Alexis’ legs now looked out of proportion. “We will go back for the legs when she gets tired of walking,” he wrote. “My BM don’t never walk.”

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