Bobby Shmurda’s Basketball Skills Don’t Quite Match Up To His NBA ‘Twin’ Reggie Jackson


Anything Bobby Shmurda does these days is observed with a magnifying glass. The Brooklyn rapper and his fans have six years to catch up on, so anything he does is grade A content.

On Thursday (March 24), Bobby Shmurda played some pick-up basketball with a fan in Miami, Florida, and it wasn’t the “Hot N-gga” rapper’s most graceful game. The footage that landed on social media found the rapper dribbling the ball with a quick yet awkward drive to the basket. Bobby attempted a lay-up, but the defender swatted the ball out of bounds.


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For years, fans on social media have called Bobby Shmurda and Los Angeles Clippers point guard Reggie Jackson twins for how similar they look. Jackson even got hit with “Bobby Shmurda” chants at the Barclays Center from Brooklyn Nets fans when he was taking a free throw in a game in 2020.

The former Detroit Piston had some fun with the fans by hitting the Shmoney Dance after sinking the shot, which caused many of them to settle down. Based on Bobby’s performance in the clip of him playing, basketball skills are not one of the things he has in common with his NBA “twin.”

In other news, Bobby Shmurda is celebrating his long-awaited release from his label. The rapper has been having issues with Epic Records for several months regarding the release of new music, and it seems he’s found a solution. Shmurda announced his independence on Thursday in an Instagram Story.

“Attention to alll Shmurda fans aka The Shmurdas,” Bobby wrote. “I just sign my release papers also jus made ah milly today I can’t wait to drop s/o my n-gga @trulife ahh ahh ahh my n-gga I’m shooting my 1st independence video today called getting em back we celebrating all week in KODS pop out nd Monday Starlets.”