Boosie Badazz Shows Off His Huge Bed: “That’s Four Kings Put Together Buddy”


Boosie Badazz recently hopped on social media to show off his extremely large bed. “That’s four kings put together buddy,” he reveals in the clip. It’s unclear why Boosie needs a bed so big, but perhaps it’s just part of living a life of luxury. Social media users were quick in heading to the comments section to share their thoughts. By the looks of things, viewers are more concerned with Boosie’s interior decorating skills than the his massive bed. They weighed in on the rapper’s decor, with some even comparing the room to a Motel 6.

“I ain’t gone lie the color scheme tacky i got distracted,” one user comments. Another says, “I want whoever decorated his bedroom arrested…immediately!” “How you manage to make a mansion look like a trap house?” someone else asks Boosie.

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Boosie Badazz’ Giant Bed

As of late, Boosie Badazz has also had a bit of a back and forth going on with Wack 100 about Kodak Black’s collab with 6ix9ine. Upon news of the collab, Boosie took to social media to trash the idea. “I wonder how all them Zoes feel, dawg? I know them Zoes f**ked up right now, I know the state of Florida f**ked up right now,” he wrote. He also claimed that Kodak Black has “no morals [and] no principles.” The rapper continued, “D**n. Thought that little ni**a wasn’t like that, bro. Ni**a ain’t no street ni**a, at all. D**n. F**ked me up.” His son even later chimed in, labeling 6ix9ine a “rat” and calling out Kodak Black for failing to follow through with their own collab plans.

Reportedly, Kodak Black got $1 million for the feature, but Boosie says the paycheck won’t help his case. Wack 100 flexed the check in a clip, also calling out Boosie for speaking down on the collab. “That ain’t what this bout n u know,” Boosie wrote. “U posting this does not help his situation at all it’s actually worst !! NOW he only got paid 600 k n gotta pay 400k n taxes.”

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