Boosie Performs “Set It Off” And “F*ck The Police” In Front Of Police Officers During Traffic Stop


Boosie is known for his boisterous attitude and blunt and over the top reactions. Not to long ago he was pulled over by Georgia police, told to get out of the car and handcuffed while the officers searched his car. A video then surfaced of Boosie cussing at the cops and telling them that he would beat their ass. Boosie was recently pulled over once again and his reaction was a bit different, this time he decided to perform a couple of his songs for the officers instead.

“They got me pulled over again so I’m finna perform a concert in front of the police,” Boosie said before he started performing “Set It Off” acapella. “You wanna talk shit/You wanna run your mouth/You want some gangsta’ friends at your motherfucking house/We gonna set this bitch off,” Boosie rapped in front of the officers. He then transitioned and started rapping his song “F*ck the Police.”

“Narcotics, fuck ’em/Feds, fuck ’em/D.A., fuck ’em/we don’t need you bitches on our street/say it with me, fuck the police, fuck the police/Without that badge you a bitch and a half nigga fuck the police.”

Officers say that Boosie was going 73mph in a 55mph zone and threw something out of the car window before being pulled over. Once they stopped the car, they said they smelled weed which prompted them to ask Boosie to step out of the car. The cops said that they found a small amount of weed in the car but did not cite Boosie for it.

In another video Boosie shared shows him holding $30k in his hand and asking the police officer whether or not he and his affiliate are going to jail or not. He then tells the officer he can give him a job and it comes with “unconventional benefits.”

“Are we going to jail or not. that’s the question. The money is ready,” Boosie said. “30k that’s what i keep in my pocket to spend in a day.” He then went on to ask the officer how much he makes in a year, to which he did not respond. “If you ever get tired of them you can come work for me. I’ll pay you double. Because you don’t talk much I like you. And get your d*ck sucked any time you want,” Boosie added.