Bow Wow Addresses Rumor He Was Texting Lil Baby’s Ex Girlfriend Jayda Cheaves


Lil Baby and Jayda Cheaves have been in an on-and-off relationship for years and share a child together. But rumors of their breakup started making the rounds earlier this week. The internet then accused Cheaves and Bow Wow of texting each other following the purported breakup, something the Lottery Ticket actor adamantly denied.

On Wednesday (March 23), Bow Wow hopped on Twitter to shut the rumors down after he was asked, “Was that you texting Jayda?” to which he replied, “False! I have the upmost respect for Lil Baby. That’s not even my get down. We have mutual people we deal with. I would never.”

He added in a follow-up post, “I just be minding my business and my name gets thrown in things im not even aware of. Im pose to be the irrelevant rapper so why and how do folks think bow wow when its time to start rumors? I dont get it.”

Jayda Cheaves also addressed the chatter on her Instagram Stories, saying, “No shade to Bow Wow, but where are ya’ll getting that from? It’s not giving that.”

The 24-year-old appeared to announce her split from Lil Baby in a separate post that read, “I’m finally standing up. Everything comes to an end. Never force it. Be happy. I’m willing to [X] anybody out for my happiness and peace. I post my own [tea] so I can clown myself before I get clowned. Cuz shiddddd it’s cold out here. Ion know how this [shit] gon go. Have a beautiful day everyone.”

Following her post, Lil Baby seemingly responded by posting a video of a man dancing on a basketball court and writing, “When a mf think they can play wit me.”

Cheaves then fired back with a post-and-delete that read, “Think they can play with you? LMFAO you played with me for 6 years straight. I text a n-gga back now your chest hurt. Bye.” Apparently, that’s what led fans to believe Bow Wow was the mystery man she was texting.

Lil Baby and Cheaves originally called it quits after the rapper was rumored to have cheated on her with an adult film actress named Ms. London. Cheaves admitted she stuck with him against her better judgement. In a December 2021 interview with Hollywood Unlocked, she sounded ready to walk away.

“It’s just like, when there’s so much tension, so many things have happened in the midst of all of that like, ‘He loves you,’ all of this,” Cheaves said. “Like, yeah, he do love me, I’mma say, but as far as the internet, like I always say, we’re comin’ up together. He learning stuff he never even seen before about social media and all that and I’m seeing things way different than I saw them before as I get older.”

She continued, “After a while, it’s kinda like, ‘Dang, I cant’ keep doing this to myself because it’s like, what am I getting in the end?”