Bow Wow Rap Retirement Plans: Be Hip Hop’s Dwyane Wade & Link With Snoop Dogg’s Death Row


Three-time NBA Champion Dwyane Wade is to the Miami Heat what Bow Wow wants to be for Snoop Dogg’s Death Row Records brand at the end of his career.

During a question and answer session with his fans on Twitter Friday (February 25), Bow Wow revealed his desire to join forces with his mentor Snoop Dogg once again for the final chapter of his rap career, seemingly in order to finish what he started with the West Coast Hip Hop legend before his retirement from music.

“Spoke to snoop last week,” he wrote in part in response to a fan inquiry. “Very soon. My plan is to put my final album on death row and close my music career out where it began. Im tryna do the d wade and come home and close it out.”

The 34-year-old rapper and actor also broke down a pair of key details about his final album, revealing he would love to have Nas on the album, yet has some reservations on collaborating with So So Def owner Jermaine Dupri — who produced his debut Beware Of The Dogg album.

“JD busy just like im busy,” he wrote. “He has projects to finish. I cant sit back and wait on no one. I dont NEED jd to do an album. I did it w my 3rd and STILL went platinum. So its proven ive had success w out him. BUT with him its even more dynamic because of what we can do.”

Bow Wow’s Beware Of The Dog album, home to his Snoop Dogg-assisted “Bow Wow (That’s My Name)” hit, was released in 2000 and has since been certified three-times multiplatinum by the Recording Industry Association of America.

Plans for Bow Wow’s final album may have to wait a little bit, though, as terms of the deal Snoop Dogg made to acquire Death Row Records brand are reportedly still “being negotiated” and it’s likely several of Dr. Dre and 2Pac’s albums won’t be included.

Bow Wow went on to discuss several topics including the possibility of releasing a sequel to Lottery Ticket, the 2010 film he starred in alongside comedian Brandon T. Jackson, whom he also worked with on the movie Roll Bounce, and claims “got weird overnight,” during the Twitter Q-and-A.