Cam’ron and Ma$e Weigh In On Rumor Taylor Swift Had Kanye West Kicked Out Of Super Bowl 


Cam’ron and Ma$e shared their takes on the rumor that Taylor Swift had Kanye West ejected from the Super Bowl after he allegedly copped seats in front of her booth to ensure cameras caught him alongside the pop star in all the big game coverage. 

According to Cam and Ma$e, Ye acts differently around white people and in front of the camera. 

While Murda questioned the rumor, he said West would “go crazy” if it was actually true. “It seems like he act crazier with white people, though,” Ma$e added. 

When asked his thoughts on the topic, Cam’rom said, “Stop playing with people,” before implying Swift was getting revenge on Kanye West after upstaging her at the 2009 MTV awards.  

“[He] tried to diss that young lady years ago, and she ain’t forget about it. She don’t want to be seen with you, let alone on the Super Bowl screen,” Cam claimed. “That man got up there embarrassed Taylor Swift at them awards, tried to go Beyoncé crazy.” 

Cam’Ron Claims Taylor Swift is A Bigger Star Than Kanye West

According to Cam’ron, since then, Swift has become “an astronomical superstar,” and is now “a bigger star than Kanye,” whose celebrity has “died down” because of his recent controversies. 

“Kanye just put an album out last week. I didn’t even know,” Cam stated, adding that he turned down Ye’s invite to a Vultures listening event as he’s not with the “weirdo” antics.   

“In this room when nobody here, that’s the coolest n#### in the world. When the cameras turn on, n#### turn into somebody totally different. I ain’t with the camera Kanye, my nephew,” Killa Cam shared. 

Mase replied, “Is that true? I never be around him with the camera off, but without the camera there, he’s a cool individual.” 

Returning to the Kanye West Super Bowl rumors, Cam’ron said if true, he understands Taylor Swift’s perspective. “If she makes a call and says ‘I’m leaving if he don’t get out of here,’ he got to go,” he said.