Cardi B & Offset Get Into Heated Twitter Spat With Nicki Minaj Collaborator Akbar V


Cardi B and Akbar V’s simmering beef spilled over into an all-out war on Twitter on Monday (September 26).

The spat began with a series of subliminal shots being lobbied back and forth, before erupting into a messy and heated exchange that Cardi’s husband, Offset, was also dragged into.

Nicki Minaj and Young Thug’s names were also brought up during the social media squabble, along with Akbar’s children and dead mother, her leaked sex tape and Cardi’s sister, Hennessy Carolina.

The drama began when Akbar appeared to subliminally diss the Bronx superstar after she celebrated her new “Tomorrow 2” video with GloRilla achieving six million YouTube views in three days.

“If @chartdata ain’t say it we ain’t believing the CAP,” tweeted the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star, who recently appeared on Nicki Minaj’s “Super Freaky Girl (Queen Mix).”

Cardi fired back with a series of subliminals of her own, writing: “Count all the times chart data posted u” and “I don’t really like the internet games …My dms is open and also the streets!”

From there, things became more direct when Akbar posted screenshots of a text conversation with Cardi, who had reached out to her asking to speak over the phone.

Cardi was left bemused by the screenshots, tweeting: “If we said what we said on the phone why keep texting? These all these bitches want …INTERNET SHOWS..I’m done.”

Despite an attempt to hash things out privately, the feud continued to play out for all to see on Twitter — and soon enough Cardi B’s bitter rival, Nicki Minaj, was thrown into the mix.

“Bitch talking bout she can change my life,” Akbar tweeted. “ho @NICKIMINAJ change my life I’m on a tape u produced and didn’t know u produced it and showed love to ur dog face ass still cause we was cordial and u ain’t take me number #1 so if u couldn’t change my life with that u can’t do it now.”

She added: “@NICKIMINAJ is the #QueenOfRap and @iamcardib u are the peasant ho ..”

After calling her out for using “another woman as a shield,” Cardi B made the beef personal by accusing Akbar of being a bad parent.

“I take care of kids ..since the day they came out my pussy,” she tweeted.

Akbar replied: “You was able to baby…u … i wasn’t but i got all of mine now …see the difference between me and u i was really in that jungle t hugging with real n$$$as….u forgot u had kids when u got some money?… u was just selling it to any man that ran up on u cricket teeth.”

Cardi clapped back: “See the difference between me &u I had Nikkas wanting to put babies In me while I was in the jungle but I said to myself I won’t put my kids in the same hoods I was I raised in let alone ABANDONED THEM ..u had that choice to make as well not once but FIVE TIMES.”

Akbar then took aim at Cardi’s music, tweeting: “Cardi wanna b the queen of rap so bad but ain’t never wrote a rap[.] all she did was sat in the studio and nod her head an said oooo i like that line bro yeah keep it.”

She added: “I’m bout [to] do something you never do #writearap.”

Doubling down on her claim about Akbar’s parenting, Cardi responded: “I’m about to do something you never do ….pick my kid up from school… got 20 minutes to talk your shit cause after that my attention go to my kids the whole day.”

Things got even messier when Akbar brought up Cardi’s husband Offset’s alleged history of cheating, writing: “Y’all check on cardi hubby keep getting caught cheating cause her head trash and pussy weak.”

Cardi replied by claiming fellow Atlanta rapper Young Thug turned down sex with Akbar.

“Pussy weak ? Baby you the one wit 5 baby daddies,” she clapped back. “You gave thug head and the head wasn’t even good enough for him to stick his dick in you …he told you u gotta lose weight first lost the weight and STILL DIDNT FUCK YOU [crying face emojis].”

Cardi dug deeper into Akbar’s sex life by posting a clip of her leaked sex tape, in which she was filmed giving a man oral sex and saying: “Tell me you love me.”

That was one step too far for Akbar, who tweeted: “Now my kids got to watch this again @iamcardib u dead wrong for uploading that porn stuff about me again u scoop so low but kool. U just threw me back into anxiety.”

Cardi later deleted the clip out of respect for her children, writing: “Unmmmm wasn’t you bragging about it when the video first came out … talkin bout you got good head ?Anyways imma respect your kids and take it down.”

However, any notion of an armistice was short-lived when Akbar dragged Offset back into the feud, claiming he had tried to call her. She also mocked the Migos rapper for having his $150,000 chain stolen in 2018 and labeled him “police” for suing his label Quality Control Music.

“U and yo hubby some hoes,” she wrote. “Behind compound they put that blick on yo hubby u didn’t even send no shootas for him @iamcardib talking all this gangsta ish.”

“U call me from this number lying ass boy ..,i guess u the police to suing @qcm_p after all he done for yo luh break dancing ass,” she added while sharing a screenshot of a phone number she alleged belonged to Offset.

That’s when Offset jumped into the Twitter feud, firing back with: “Police ass hoe I ain’t called you and If Any N-gga played with me get blitzed ask around ‼️”

He added: “Bitch that’s not my number, why would I call you when bitch already handling you lame ass hoe.”

Akbar also brought up Cardi B’s sister, Hennessy Carolina, referencing the siblings’ 2017 fight with fellow Love & Hip Hop: New York star Major Galore.

“Aht aht let offset watch them kids cause y u and ur sister get beat like that,” she wrote.

Cardi retaliated by mentioning Akbar’s dead mother. “Now you know I don’t play bout my sister ,.. go dig you mother up bitch,” she responded, followed by: “Your mom be break dancing in her grave Everytime you abandoned your kids to suck dick on camera.”

The fracas eventually fizzled out, with Cardi B posting a video of “My Neck, My Back” rapper Khia dragging Akbar V last year with the caption: “I should of never argue with this deadbeat , I should of just left it at this.”

Cardi later posted steamy photos of her wearing a revealing dress while posing next to Offset. “I fight for my bitches and I’m fighting over dick too,” she wrote in the caption.

Akbar V’s Twitter account has since been suspended.