Carsn. Makes Quite A Splash With Debut Album Mixed 3motions


Up-and-coming Hip Hop artist Carsn. recently dropped his long-awaited debut album Mixed 3motions. In addition to the already introduced singles “General Gentleman” and “Rip Away,” the 14-track record includes 12 new songs, among which are  “Dreaming On My Side,” “Walk This 3arth Alone,” “Lonely $toner,” “Dr. Strange,” “Christmas Rains Occasionally,” “Come Alive 4 Me,” and more.

“General Gentleman” and “Dreaming On My Side” weren’t initially to be on the new album. “I wasn’t going to add these two, but felt they were the final pieces to the other 12,” says the talented rapper, revealing, “After listening for a few weeks, I got a better idea of what flows together and what doesn’t. Sometimes when I’m making a song I tend to pause about halfway through and begin another one just because I have so many ideas I want to get down. Some ideas and emotions will flow into the next song depending upon when I created it.”

The songwriter admits that his favorite track off Mixed 3motions is “Come Alive 4 Me.” He explains: “It was a different vibe I was trying out and a different voice I used on this track. I’m all about trying to find new flows, voices, and beats that just sound different, but are still ME. Sometimes it doesn’t always come out the way you want, but that’s just kind of the downside of using that approach, and for this song, it worked out great in my opinion. That’s what I’ve been obsessed with doing recently, pushing the boundaries to come up with new sounds.”

Carsn. shows great talent for bringing various genre elements together. He doesn’t like to confine himself to only one style and that’s why he has a versatile setlist that encompasses  New School, Indie, Melodic Rap, Southern Hip Hop, Pop, and Alternative music. “I would like to get into as many genres as I can. I enjoy the challenge and I admire anybody who can successfully do it. Right now, I’m really into alternative and EDM music. Next week it could be something completely different,” stresses the artist. 

Inspired by Smino, Yung Lean, Kendrick Lamar, Mac Miller, and Channel Tres, Carsn. created Mixed 3motions while going through a “whole range of emotions, probably every emotion you can imagine.” The promising Hip Hop artist hopes people will be able to get an idea of who he is and the story behind each song.

Listen to Mixed 3motions here: