Charlamagne Tha God Thought HOV Highway Lanes Were For JAY-Z


New York, New York – Charlamagne Tha God is known for his hot takes and the comedic relief he adds to The Breakfast Club radio show on Power 105.1. His latest bit of hilarity came on Monday (July 11) when the radio Hall of Famer admitted he thought JAY-Z had his own lanes in New York City.

A clip of the revelation surfaced online where Charlamagne explained he had no idea what high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes were when he first moved to New York City. Because the abbreviation is identical to JAY-Z’s nickname, Charlamagne really thought the Brooklyn native had his own lanes to move around freely in the Big Apple.

“I want y’all to keep in mind that I know nothing about the HOV lane. The first time I ever saw an HOV lane was in New York City, and I said to myself, ‘Damn, JAY-Z got his own lane in New York,’” Charlamagne said. “When I moved here in 2006, that’s the first thing I thought. I said, ‘Damn, JAY-Z got his own lanes in New York. He really is the king of New York.”

DJ Envy didn’t want to hear anymore and told his co-host to stop while he was ahead. Fans can’t really blame Charlamagne as he grew up in a small town called Moncks Corner in South Carolina. In his book, Black Privilege: Opportunity Comes to Those Who Create It, Charlamagne explained how his town was filled with dirt roads and tumbleweeds.

When he’s not confusing himself, Charlamagne offers commentary on what’s happening in the culture and he doesn’t hold anything back. He recently offered his two cents regarding Drake’s dance album Honestly, Nevermind, calling it elevator music.

“I don’t mind the vibes you know the vibes to me are the vibes you hear when you’re at a Beverley Hills luxury hotel,” Charlamagne explained. “This is lobby, elevator music. This is the vibes when you sitting in the lobby of the SLS hotel having some drinks on a leather couch with the lights dimly lit.

“You got a suit on, no tie, first couple of buttons on your shirt open, some slippers on, loafers no socks. I’m never going to revisit the album again but if it comes on when I’m in the lobby of a luxury hotel, I’m not mad at it.”