Childish Gambino Releases New Album ‘Atavista’, Reveals Cities for ‘The New World Tour’


After the mysterious takedown of Childish Gambino’s last timestamp based project, 3.15.20, the rapper has now released its revamped version— Atavista.

Previously, Donald Glover had taken to Gilga Radio to talk about the final two albums from Childish Gambino (alongside more cool stuff here). The rapper had revealed how the 3.15.20 project was taken out in the uncertainties brought forth by the pandemic, and how rough it was from a technical standpoint. Well, he has changed all of that now, having developed the album to its true potential.

Getting rid of the timestamp based nomenclature, the album proudly boasts a same minimal aesthetic as far as the artwork goes. The tracks, however, contain all of the detail that was lacking — named with nuanced intention and engineered to excellence. Listen to the 11-track album here!

Atavista is Gambino’s penultimate project, preceding and marking the coming together of a final Gambino album that the rapper spoke about on Gilga Radio a couple of weeks ago. In some senses, it seems as if Atavista is setting the stage for sonic and format oriented segues into the final project, which will function as a full fledged soundtrack for the movie, ‘Bando Stone and The New World’.

Fans of Gambino would also like knowing that a Childish Gambino tour is also underway — with his associates claiming how it will put the recent Drake tour to shame. In a recent post, the rapper’s manager took to X to seek inputs from fans on what continents to take the show to. Gambino himself had also announced the ‘New World Tour’, via a dedicated tour website that seeks out fan email IDs for direct communication and asks for suggestions on potential performance locations. But for now, the site seems to have been updated with a (complete? who knows!) roster of locations on the official website; check it out for yourself here!