Chloe Bailey’s “fukumean” Gunna Cover Makes Her Akademiks’ Latest Target: “This S**t Trash”


Of the hip-hop bloggers creating content today, DJ Akademiks is perhaps best known for feuding with those he reports on. We’ve seen him take aim at various figures in the industry throughout his career. Lately, it’s been Yung Miami and Lil Baby feeling the heat. More recently, Chloe Bailey is on his mind too. The latter covered Gunna’s hit song “fukumean,” for her followers earlier this week. Now, Ak thinks she’s sliding into the YSL artist’s life since he’s out of jail and has a new album.

“You dipped on that ni**a soon as that ni**a got locked up,” the Off the Record host’s bizarre rant began. “I ain’t gon’ call you the b-word, ‘cuz I heard you down with Beyonce. I don’t want them getting mad at me,” he added. “Man, as soon as she thought Gunna was not coming back home, she was single. Single as a motherf**ker. I watched her in some s**t called ‘Swarm,’ getting her BACK BLOWN OUT,” Akademiks continued, referencing Bailey’s first-ever intimate scene opposite Damson Idris in Donald Glover’s series.

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Akademiks Thinks Chloe Bailey is Wrong for Covering a Gunna Song

“Why wasn’t you on the jail call singing this s**t to that ni**a?” Akademiks asked, despite “fukumean” not being out. “Y’all remember when Gunna was looking like a crackhead in jail?” he continued to yell while pulling up old photos of the embattled lyricist. Elsewhere, Ak went on to accuse Bailey of always singing other people’s songs before falsely claiming her debut album only sold 3,000 units in its first week. He also said that he doesn’t understand the hype about Chloe, but couldn’t help but admit she is an attractive young woman.

Her In Pieces album’s first-week sales may not have satisfied Akademiks, but they’re good enough for the Atlanta-born singer to take her debut solo project out on two separate tours. She wrapped up the first round of dates back in the spring, and a few weeks ago, Chloe Bailey confirmed her second round of In Pieces concerts, taking place across North America this fall. Read more about that at the link below, and check back later for more hip-hop/pop culture news updates.

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