Chrisean Rock’s Big Brother Ready To Throw ‘All His Freedom Away’ Over Blueface Relationship


The ongoing saga between Blueface and girlfriend Chrisean Rock has caught the attention of one of her older brothers. On Saturday (August 20), Rock’s sibling headed to his Instagram Stories where he admitted he’s willing to go back to jail to keep his sister safe.

The post comes just days after another one of Blueface and Rock’s explosive fights spilled onto social media. During the altercation, a patch of Rock’s hair was ripped out and a bathroom door was broken down. It was apparently the last straw for the brother.

“Chrisean I Love You So Much and over here hurting bout you,” he wrote. “Don’t say nothing, wasn’t goin to until u introduced us in person cause the shit he be doin on the internet to you c’mon Chrisean. I grew up in and out of prison. I woodn’t mine throwing all my freedom away forever for u, you my baby sister, u our baby sister.

“Our father raised us to protect our sisters at all cost. U da youngest one. I know you love Blue, I jus wanna ask him do he love you? I can’t play bout u no more Chrisean. I’ll see y’all soon.”


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Chrisean Rock replied to her brother’s Instagram post with a tweet hours later that read: “I love my brovas with everything in me we trench babies there’s always room for improvement and conversation can always change things cuz one thing I know we do shit out of love and real love wins every time.”

The alleged violent incident took place on Thursday (August 18), which Blueface curiously decided to share with the internet. In the clip, Blueface is heard saying, “She tried to run,” to which Rock replied, “Don’t show them my bald spot. Why do you wanna show people what you did to me?”

Blueface fired back, “I didn’t do that to you, you tried to run.” Rock explained, “Yeah, cause I had your phone. You didn’t even want me to see what was in your phone.” Karlissa Saffold, the rapper’s mother, then accused Rock of lying and said the injury was a result of her being jumped by a group of girls earlier in the week.

“Jonathan did not pull her hair out,” Saffold wrote on her Instagram Story. “Them girls who jumped her did. Y’all going too far with this fairytale. And those believing this is even more delusional then them, but carry on. Looks like I lost my son to the internet. That million make you do something crazy.”

The scuffle is at least the second dramatic incident to take place between the couple this month. On August 1, the pair got into a physical altercation while walking down a Hollywood street. The Los Angeles Police Department is reportedly investigating the event.