City Girls’ JT Entangled In Ugly Online Beef With Lil Uzi Vert’s Ex


JT of City Girls and Lil Uzi Vert’s relationship has seen its fair share of drama in recent months. Following a stripped down photoshoot between the two being leaked on social media, JT decided to clap back at Uzi’s ex, Brittany Byrd.

After Byrd commented with a sock emoji and LMFAO underneath the revealing photo of JT and Uzi, JT went to Twitter and in a series of deleted tweets, attacked Byrd over her comments.

“Hoe would literally die to be in my shoes with the success I have,” JT wrote. “All nigga & drip aside I shit on your whole fake life! Homeless ass helper!”

She continued, “How you beg a nigga for 20K the day after a pop out? No pride having poor ass fake fly show room dressing ass bitch… TAKE IT BACKKKK ITS NOT YOURSSSSS. Bitch has nothing to show for that long pointless ass relationship just drip pics & text messages! You not a baby mama wife nothing move on animated grasshopper.”

In another series of deleted posts, JT summed up the ordeal as a signal Byrd needed to move on.

“All jokes aside for someone who left someone the obsession is real, move on … be happy life your life! Those photos were leaks! But it’s cool, I’m still that bitch.”

JT and Uzi’s cover for Arena Homme + arrived on Friday (May 7) with plenty of skeptics looking at the European magazine cover in wonder. Both Uzi and JT were stripped down to their underwear as JT caresses the Eternal Atake star with the cover reading, “Every guy needs a diva + a diamond,” in French.

During the course of their whirlwind romance from halfway houses to first dates at Taco Bell, the couple has emerged as one of the more visible couples in Hip Hop.