Deion Sanders And Michael Irvin Get Emotional About Their Friendship On “Undisputed”


There was a very sweet moment on Undisputed today as the show broadcast live from Boulder. Deion Sanders and Michael Irvin both teared up as they discussed their long and enduring friendship. Sanders told a story about how Irvin went out of his way to help him prepare for appearing on TV. Meanwhile, Irvin teared up both in reaction to Sanders and while also talking about the impact that Sanders has had on the world.

The pair were teammates on the Cowboys between 1995, when Sanders signed with the team, and 1999, when Irvin retired. The two have maintained a close friendship ever since, which was very clear on the broadcast. Irvin is a new member of the Undisputed team since the show returned from its summer hiatus. Prior to Fox courting him, Irvin had been on suspension with the NFL Network due to an alleged incident at the Super Bowl.

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Sanders Praises Lincoln Riley Before USC Matchup

Earlier this week, Sanders had nothing but praise for the next coach his Buffs are set to face – Lincoln Riley. “I have a tremendous amount of respect for all of them [opposing coaches], especially Lincoln Riley and some of these guys who have been consistently really good and have been consistent leaders; not only leading their teams to a multitude of victories, but leading these guys into the NFL. I have a tremendous amount of respect for them,” Sanders said on his radio show this week. Riley has been in charge at USC since 2022 after five seasons at Oklahoma.

However, praised or not, Riley’s #8 USC Trojans are going to be a problem for Colorado. The Trojans have the highest-scoring offense in the country and a defense that’s only allowing 20 points a game. Additionally, they are favored by 21.5 points going into the weekend. Only Fresno State, Oregon, Penn State, and SMU are bigger favorites. Furthermore, Colorado has never beaten USC in the history of college football, holding a 0-16 record against the Trojans.

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