Dennis Rodman is Going to Russia to Help Brittney Griner: “I Know Putin Too Well”


Dennis Rodman is planning a trip to Russia to assist Brittney Griner. The Bulls and Pistons legend met with President Vladimir Putin years ago and thinks he can be of assistance in freeing Griner from her nine-year sentence.

Speaking with NBC News, Rodman revealed that he is planning to make another visit to Russia to help. “I got permission to go to Russia to help that girl. I’m trying to go this week.”

During his visit to Russia in 2014, Rodman had a meeting with Putin, resulting in him calling the President “cool as fuck.” In addition, Rodman previously met with North Korean leader Kim Jun Un. In regards to the relationship with Putin, he said, “I know Putin too well.”

Last week, Fredro Starr offered his opinion on the sentence of Brittney Griner and thinks it’s cap. The Onyx rapper stated Griner is a political pawn, and he has first-hand knowledge because he has smoked weed all through Russia.

“Russia is Onyx’s biggest market and we were supposed to go Russia a month before her,” Starr opened. “I would never bring weed, but a weed pen is different. She got caught up in some political shit, and it’s fucked up.”

Speaking with Vlad TV, Starr states he smoked before in the country, and recreational use is more common than we would believe it is following reports about Griner. Starr would even go forth to state that weed in Russia is better than some of that is found in California.

“Russia’s different. Russia likes hip-hop. Russia has weed growers; they got weed out there,” Starr said. “Real shit, indoor, poppin. I smoke mad weed in Russia every time I go there, better than Cali, Turks, all that. For a weed pen? Come on, man. She got caught up. It’s not that serious.”

You can hear it from Fredro Starr below.