DJ Envy Denies Involvement In Real Estate Fraud Scheme, Wants Lawsuit Dismissed


DJ Envy’s lawsuit for alleged real estate fraud is completely incorrect, he claimed in court documents obtained by The Shade Room. In fact, the radio host maintained that he did not involve himself in the scam at hand, and filed a motion to dismiss the legal action on Wednesday (August 2). Moreover, he denied involvement in the teams that stand accused of carrying it out and believes his name popped up due to sheer association to further publicize the case, given his status as a public figure. What’s more is that even his codefendant, Cesar Pina, backed this story up in defense of Envy.

For those unaware, plaintiffs Anthony Martini and Anthony Barone sued DJ Envy, Pina, and the latter’s wife Jennifer last month for allegedly keeping over $2 million in investments from them. Furthermore, these went into two real estate projects: the Taylor Company and Flip 2 Dao, and Martini and Barone believe they never followed up on these ventures. Instead, they claim that defendants used the money selfishly or to compensate other investors. All actors will return to court September 8 as of writing this article to further develop their cases.

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DJ Envy Wants To Dismiss Real Estate Fraud Lawsuit

However, the new motion claims that DJ Envy was never a part of Flip 2 Dao or the Taylor Company in any capacity. To elaborate, Pina stated that he, his wife, and Barone are the only people involved with Flip 2 Dao, and the Breakfast Club co-host claims that the only relevant point of contact he had with Barone was when the latter asked him about the Pinas and his investments. Envy’s side of the story alleges that Barone wanted more information on them, but he wasn’t involved in the project and therefore couldn’t provide it. In addition, the new motion also claims that Flip 2 Dao might’ve included Envy’s name in a flip deck without his knowledge or consent.

In addition, the media figure says he put up $500,000 as investment in a school-to-apartments renovation project with the Pinas that hasn’t yielded any return of capital or or distributions. According to Envy, the Pinas promised to pay monthly dividends of $17,000 and return his initial investment within a year. As such, he might be a victim of more than just trolling due to his fraud allegations. On that note, stick around on HNHH for more news and the latest updates on DJ Envy.

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