DJ Khaled Regrets Missing A MySpace DM From Pre-Fame Drake


DJ Khaled has revealed to Shannon Sharpe that he once missed a DM from Drake on MySpace. “I didn’t know how to work that MySpace stuff. But oh my God, if I had an opportunity to sign Drake or work with Drake before Drake was Drake. But it just shows you that he had love for me as a producer, DJ, and as an artist. The music I was making. He had love right and that’s so dope. It’s one of the biggest artists in the world and he’s my family and he’s my brother. But just to know that, before he exploded, he was listening to DJ Khaled. Wow,” Khaled said on Club Shay Shay.

Since then, Khaled and Drake have collabed nine times. Their first musical endeavor was “Fed Up” in 2009. Furthermore, their most recent venture was 2022’s “No Secret”. As with any two superstars in the game who aren’t beefing, Drake and Khaled have formed a very close friendship. However, it’s interesting to know that there was a chance for their partnership to begin even earlier.

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DJ Khaled Helped Fat Joe Land His Eminem Verse

In other musical news featuring Khaled, he also helped Fat Joe land a major feature. “When we did ‘Lean Back,’ we did it in a studio in [Khaled’s] house. I remember when it came to be remix time, I would’ve never thought I had a chance in the world of getting Eminem. He told me, ‘You could get Em.’ And I went all out and I got Eminem because Khaled had pushed me to,” Joe explained during a Rolling Stone interview.

“Lean Back” soon became a smash hit. with the remix of the Terror Squad original featuring Eminem, Lil Jon, and Ma$e. That track racked up over 83 million streams and topped the Billboard Top 100. Furthermore, it also became a club classic and is still widely remembered as a fantastic meeting of the minds. Who knows, maybe Khaled and Fat Joe originally met on MySpace too.

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