Donald Trump May Get House Arrest Rather Than Prison Time


Donald Trump is currently facing 91 felonies across four separate indictments. If Trump was found guilty of all of them, that could result in over 700 years of prison time. Of course, he likely would simply get a collection of life sentences without parole. However, a DC insider has now suggested that Trump might not see the inside of a cell at all. “In a normal case, yes, he would be jailed for contempt of court, but as a practical matter, he can’t be. They can’t house the Secret Service in jail and all the rest of it. It’s likely to be house arrest,” explained longtime DC inside Jonathan Alter.

The main effect of a Trump guilty verdict would be that he would be barred from holding elected office until he had served his sentence. While some Republicans, such as Mike Huckabee, have warned that his could lead to a violent uprising from right-wing sources, that is likely nothing more than fear-mongering. However, it will likely not sit well with many people that Trump will get to live out his sentence in his palatial Bedminster estate or Mar-a-Lago.

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Trump Gets Booed In Iowa

Meanwhile, Donald Trump was booed and trolled relentlessly as he watched the Iowa-Iowa State rivalry game on September 9. Fans consistently booed the former President as multiple photos appeared online of Trump waving to a crowd where multiple people were giving him the finger. Meanwhile, a small private aircraft flew over Jack Trice Stadium carrying a banner that read “Where’s Melania?”. While many people have pointed out that this occurred in a state that Trump won by eight points, that statistic is somewhat misleading. While Trump did win Iowa, he lost Story County, where Iowa State is located, by 18 points.

Things had gone well for Trump to begin the day. Before heading to the stadium, Trump had visited the chapter house of Alpha Gamma Rho, an agricultural fraternity. He was also greeted by throngs of fans all over campus. However, football fans a different breed entirely and they weren’t happy to see Trump in attendance for the most part. Furthermore, Ron DeSantis was also at the game and got his fair share of boos and middle fingers. Republican voters in the state caucus on January 15, with Trump currently holding a 30+ point lead over DeSantis. As for the game – Iowa beat Iowa State 20-13 to take back the Cy-Hawk Trophy.

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