Donald Trump Visits Frat House Before Iowa Rivalry Game


Donald Trump is currently in Iowa for a little campaign stop and that included attending the annual Cy-Hawk rivalry game. Held at Iowa State this year, Trump made sure to do the rounds on campus before heading to Jack Trice Stadium. In particular, Trump visited the fraternity house of Alpha Gamma Rho. The agriculture-focused fraternity gave the former President a warm welcome. While Trump won Iowa by 120,000 votes in 2020, he overwhelmingly lost Story County, where Iowa State is located. Trump also attended the Iowa-Iowa State Game in Ames in 2015.

Large crowds gathered outside the Alpha Gamma Rho house and elsewhere on campus to greet Trump. Despite his multiple indictments and litany of legal issues, Trump remains the front-runner for the Republican nomination for President in 2024. Iowa will hold its Republican caucus on January 15, 2024. According to current polling numbers, Trump holds a minimum over a 30+ point gap over his nearest competitor, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

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Trump Attends Iowa-Iowa State Game

While in Ames, Trump will take in the Iowa-Iowa State rivalry game, which is nearing halftime at the time of writing. Both teams picked up wins in their open games, with Iowa beating Utah State and Iowa State demolishing Northern Iowa. Iowa did start the season ranked at #25. However, they fell out of the AP poll after week one thanks to events like Colorado’s win upset over #17 TCU. It’s set to be an unusual season for the often-mocked Iowa. OC Brian Ferentz was handed a bizarre contract full of incentives. This included a mandate that Iowa must win at least seven games while maintaining a PPG of 25. Excluding the 2020 pandemic season, that’s not something Iowa’s done since 2019. However, if Ferentz can’t do it, he’ll be fired next June.

However, returning to Trump’s visit, it appears he may have backed the wrong horse by supporting Iowa State. Not only is the team reeling from a major gambling scandal, they are currently being shutout by their in-state rivals. At the time of writing, Iowa is 10-0 up early in the second quarter. Last year, Iowa State won a thrilling 10-7 victory of the Hawkeyes to secure their first rivalry win since 2014. However, if the game continues as it is, Iowa might be taking the Cy-Hawk trophy right back from them.

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