Drake Pulls Rare Michael Jordan Cards Possibly Worth 7 Figures


Everything Drake touches seems to turn to gold, and his latest hobby is no different. Drizzy joined the trading card craze earlier in March when he purchased 14 NBA Flawless boxes of cards at $15,000 each and the investment is already paying dividends.

Drake and famous card collector Ken Goldin took to Instagram Live on Sunday evening (March 27) to pull packs of cards and see if they would get lucky with their findings. The cards included packs from various NBA Flawless Basketball, Fleer, and Topps Chrome cards, which are valued at $46,000 per box.

The rich got richer when the 6 God fortunately drew a Michael Jordan 1986 Fleer card that’s valued at about $200,000 and has sold for over $700,000 if deemed to be in mint condition. In total, Drake pulled 6 MJ cards, which could be worth over $1 million and be an easy return on investment for the original 10 boxes he purchased.

“That’s that hot hands,” Drake said while pulling the first Jordan around the six-minute mark.

The hunt continues to find this year’s holy grail card of the Logoman of his good friend and NBA legend LeBron James.

Whether it be collecting cards or getting sponsored by the Stake virtual casino, Drake is still doing his part to give back. He and Jack Harlow blessed a random individual with $20,000 while vacationing in Turks and Caicos.

Drake also pledged $1 million to LeBron James’ I Promise School in Akron, Ohio where he promised to hand deliver the check and pay a visit to the kids before the school year ends.