Drake Shows Off His Closet Including Rare Sneakers and Jewelry


Drake is opening up his closet.

While he remains in isolation after testing negative for the coronavirus, Champagne Papi is passing the time by showing off his expensive wardrobe. Taking to Instagram Stories, he revealed his extensive sneaker collection, which includes the unreleased Dior x Air Jordan 1 high-tops, Supreme Air Force 1s, Off-White Jordan 5s, and Jordan 5 Tokyo T23s, which sell for over $4,000. He also has shelves dedicated to Kobe Bryant’s signature shoes.

Other highlights from Drizzy’s closet include a diamond-covered Patek Philippe Nautilus watch, which costs over six figures, along with an iPhone 11 in a custom Nike alligator case. His lavish collection also includes a yellow Birkin bag and Chrome Hearts bag and denim, along with a Louis Vuitton shearling jacket by Virgil Abloh.

Drake was tested for the virus after hanging out with Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant, who was diagnosed with COVID-19. During an Instagram Live with his father over the weekend, Drake revealed that his results came back negative.

He also opened up about the painful testing procedure. “That test was uncomfortable though. They put that Q-tip all the way inside your thoughts,” he said.

Drake has been holed up in his 35,000-square-foot Toronto mansion for nearly a week, which has allowed him time to reflect. “This is like a moment in history that we’ll probably never get back again, a moment where you get to be by yourself or be with your loved ones or just check in with people,” he told his dad. “It makes you really realize what kind of routine we get so accustomed to where it starts to just coast and sail by. The days just start flying and flying. And now we have this thing that’s making us just wanna call each other, be face to face, show some love.”