E-40, Too $hort And LaRussell Dive Deep Into The Legacy Of Hyphy Music In New Podcast


Red Bull has launched an in-depth look into the creation and movement of the Hip-Hop subgenre hyphy. The podcast series, “Remember the Time: The Hyphy Movement,” has been launched.

Hosted by Branden LSK, the series delves into how the vibrant, exciting genre, that exploded onto the Hip-Hop scene in the 2000s.

The Bay Area birthed the unique sound that transformed the Hip-Hop landscape, but steadfastly stayed true to the culture of the region. The hyphy movement included dance, fashion, language and even car culture within the Hip-Hop community. The hit song “Tell Me When to Go,” produced by Lil Jon and led by E-40, captured the essence of the hyphy movement, representing both its musical style and cultural impact.

However, the roots of hyphy go much deeper. The Bay Area is reknown for its independent spirit. The podcast delves into the history and influence of hyphy. The first episode started November 14.

“When hyphy first started, hyphy wasn’t cool. So, my definition has always been turning a negative into a positive,” said rapper Keak da Sneak.

The first episode takes listeners on a journey beyond the beats, exploring the rich car and cycling cultures associated with hyphy, as well as its representation in modern cinema. It also examines how artists from the movement’s birthplace and beyond are keeping the hyphy spirit alive and evolving.

The series also include an episode in honor of the legend Mac Dre.

The synopsis says, “Although E-40 is the mainstream face of the Hyphy Movement, Northern California residents view another rapper as the anchor of Hyphy. He went by Mac Dre. This episode of Remember the Time breaks down the larger-than-life persona of the late rapper—from his pre-and-post incarceration sound to his Thizz Entertainment empire. Host Branden LSK speaks with rapper LaRussell about Mac Dre’s cultural impact and speaks with Steph Curry about his forthcoming documentary on the artist. Expect to hear from Hyphy pioneer E-40; rapper, Keak Da Sneak; hip-hop consultant, Wendy Day; radio personality, Big Von; rapper Mistah F.A.B, producer Droop-E and more.

Notable figures like rappers LaRussell and P-Lo, CMG of the Conscious Daughters, and Glasses Malone and others are included in the podcast.

LaRussell said, “There’s like this stigma that hyphy music is dead or that people are tired of it. And it’s like, bruh, it’s not. We’re always gonna love it. It’s the energy of the Bay.”

The scripted series features interviews with E-40, Stephen Curry, Too $hort, Keak Da Sneak, P-Lo, and more.

“Remember the Time: The Hyphy Movement” is a production of the Red Bulletin magazine and hopes to sell the movement to regions outside of the Bay area.

Listeners can extend their experience by tuning into a specially curated Spotify playlist with the same name, featuring selections by Branden LSK.

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