picture of thegambechild "Beat up the Beat"

Exclusive: thegamblechild Teases New Video For Debut Single “Beat up the Beat”


thegamblechild, a rising talent in the hip hop industry, made his mark on the music scene with his exceptional debut single “Beat up the Beat.” In our interview, the rapper candidly confesses that selecting this track was a no-brainer, as he instantly connected with the captivating beat crafted by Polo Boy Shawty.

“Beat up the Beat” carries profound personal and professional significance for thegamblechild as his first-ever release across all platforms. Alongside the music video, he has ambitious plans to share a series of singles in the upcoming months, all while working on his highly anticipated EP titled life’s a gamble.

Read the full interview below.

“Beat up the Beat” marks the first-ever release for you as thegamblechild. What led you to choose this song for your debut, and what significance does it hold for you on a personal and professional level?

Honestly, I personally like it and felt like it was a good one to get started with. I chose this track because of the beat that’s produced by Polo Boy Shawty. This song is always going to mean a lot to me because it’s the first record I ever went live on all platforms with.

Will you be releasing more singles? How about music videos? What are your plans for the upcoming months?

Yes. In the future you should expect a lot of new music from me. I’m going to be dropping a lot of singles in the upcoming months, while working on my EP,  ‘life’s a gamble’. I just recently shot my first music video for “Beat up the Beat” and will be sharing it soon.

What inspired you to choose the name “thegamblechild”? Could you provide further insight into your artistic persona and shed light on the musical direction you aim to pursue in the future?

“Thegamblechild” comes from just taking risks in life and always going for it no matter what. Life’s a gamble if you really think about it. For me music is also a gamble. Some people win and make it and some people don’t. You won’t know until you try it yourself.

While collaborating with renowned artists, you experienced a period of feeling overlooked and underappreciated. How did you manage to maintain your faith during this time? What advice would you offer to your peers who have faced similar challenges?

I would say the best way to collaborate with other artists is after you have already established your own resume so that they can fully appreciate your talent.

Prioritizing mental health is an important aspect of your life. How do you effectively communicate this message through your music?

I believe mental health is key and also believe that music can either help with your mental health or help destroy your mental health. I personally try the best I can to keep my music uplifting, sending out good vibrations.

Having been born in the USA to Irish heritage, then residing in the UK before returning to your birthplace, how has the exposure to diverse cultures and countries influenced and shaped your musical style?

Growing up in the UK to then coming to the States has been a total cultural shock for me.  It has significantly impacted my outlook on life and my music perspective. Just understanding the different cultures and being around so many different people gives me a deeper understanding of certain cultures.

Despite enduring a difficult childhood, you have demonstrated resilience and dedication to your path. What led you to discover the fighting spirit within you, and how has music played a role in helping you heal and find solace from your past wounds?

Yes, I do feel like music has healed me and continues to heal me. It’s a way of therapy for me. When I listen to certain music, it helps me relieve stress, and it also helps me feel productive when creating new songs. Music has just been a huge outlet for me that’s definitely helped me overcome a lot of doubts in the past.

Listen to “Beat up the Beat” here: