Fivio Foreign Emerges From Jail With No Shortage Of Energy: ‘My Shit Is Up!’


Fivio Foreign found himself in some trouble when he got into an altercation with Fort Lee police in New Jersey on April 21. The Brooklyn rapper has been in jail on multiple gun charges since the incident, and fans were left to wonder what would happen with his music career. Thankfully, those fans can now rejoice because Fivio Foreign is out of jail. 

On Tuesday (July 13), Fivio hit up Twitter to let fans know he’s no longer sitting in a jail cell with a simple tweet that read “Free” with a padlock emoji attached. He then sent a tweet that seems like he has his eyes set on taking over Hot 97’s Summer Jam stage in August.

After fans speculated whether he was out or not, Fivio confirmed his freedom when he jumped on Instagram Live for a quick interview with DJ Drewski. Fivio’s energy was on a high throughout the conversation as he told Drewski “my shit is up,” while someone flashed diamond pendants behind the “Big Drip” rapper. 

Fivio then told Drewski he needs to hit the Summer Jam stage by any means. According to him, Summer Jam is the opportune time for Fivio to get back on track with his music and fans. 

“I need to be on Summer Jam,” Fivio told Drewski. “I need the main stage, and I need to be lit I need to turn up. This is what I need to do. You can’t tell the Big Drip he can’t go to Summer Jam.” 


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Fivio put in work on his debut album all year before his New Jersey arrest in April. Now that he’s out, the 31-year-old rapper can get back to his album. People were excited to see him hanging out with Rowdy Rebel, but his studio link up with an unexpected friend in January had fans wondering what was to come on the album. 


In the clip shared on Akademik’s Instagram page, Fivio stood alongside San Francisco native 24kGoldn while they both rapped along to an unreleased song. Goldn croons all over his part as Fivio danced next to him, but the clip cuts off right before what seems to be Fivio singing in Auto-Tune.