Fivio Foreign Responds To The Push To Silence Drill Music: “It’s Not The Music That’s Killing People”


Drill music has not been getting a good rap in the media. Just last week, Fivio Foreign affiliate TDott Woo was fatally shot in Brooklyn and fellow rapper Nas Blixy was shot in the head. Hot 97’s DJ Drewski even vowed to not play any more drill diss records on the radio as a way to not support the escalating violence. Even drill music got a bad rap in a Law & Order episode this past season. With the violence surrounding drill music, many are hesitant to touch it, and others are even making a push to silence it.

In a recent interview with TMZ, Fivio Foreign addressed the violence surrounding Drill music and the culture, stating that it is doing more good than harm.

When asked about DJ Drewski’s statement about not playing diss records, Fivio said that “This the drill community. I know the police and everybody, they be looking at us like n*ggas is starting trouble. N*ggas ain’t really starting trouble, they tryna feed their kids. They tryna take away the drill music off the radio. They tryna stop it from being on the radio.”

Fivio expounded on his statement, saying that after meetings with label execs and Pop Smoke’s mother, “it’s not the music that’s killing people, it’s the music that’s helping n*ggas from the hood get out the hood.” 

He went on to add, “We need that. If you take that from n*ggas, n*ggas will be in the hood killing each other and going crazy on each other.”

Fivio was also asked about the “Rap Music On Trial Bill” that will ban prosecutors from using rap lyrics to convict. The bill has been backed by Jay-Z, Big Sean, Meek Mill, and others.

“To me, that shit don’t make sense because it’s n*ggas out there that don’t even write they own music,” Fivio said. “So if you going to indict n*ggas and lock n*ggas up over they music, then that means you gotta go lock Denzel [Washington] up for being a bad cop in Training Day… You can’t just target n*ggas cuz’ n*ggas making music, and they feel like that’s the lowest form of entertainment. ‘Why they rich, why they buying these cars, why they got this much? I don’t fuck with that.”

You can watch his TMZ interview below.