Florida Sheriff Stunts On Arrested Local Rappers With Their Gold Chain & Mocking Freestyle


Winter Haven, FL – A Florida sheriff is going viral following a press conference touting the success of a recent drug bust.

Sheriff Grady Judd held up a large gold chain, placed it around his neck and began an impromptu freestyle taunting members of a group called the Bell Gang.

“You see, we got your gold,” he began his rap. “We put your tail in the county jail. You think about that, brothers.”

According to local affiliate Fox 13, The 16-month undercover investigation conducted by narcotics officers and High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area task force resulted in 29 arrests in a sting operation known as “Bell Gang Blues.” Three other individuals remain on the run as all 32 individuals face 301 felonies and 134 misdemeanors related to the case.

Seized in the sting were $88,000 in cash, $89,000 worth of jewelry, and $283,000 worth of narcotics. A number of those arrested identified themselves as rappers who “looked cool in the community.” The revelation prompted Judd to break out his impromptu freestyle.

“Can y’all make a rap about this?” he asked while holding up photos of two of the suspects.

The bust of the Bell Gang is the latest in a string of high-profile sting operations centered around rappers. In Orlando, two hours outside of Tampa, rappers 9lokkNine and HotBoii were among 34 individuals arrested on racketeering or RICO charges stemming from a year-long feud between rival gangs.

“These are the nearly three dozen suspects arrested or wanted on racketeering or drug trafficking charges after a nine-month investigation into criminal gangs in Orange County by the Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation (MBI),”  the Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation said on July 2.

Both 9lokkNine and Hotboii have remained in police custody since their arrests.