Go Outside: New Pop Smoke Music Can Be Found In QR Code Posters


New York, N.Y. & Los Angeles, CA – Pop Smoke’s second posthumous album is scheduled to drop on Friday (July 16), but fans can get an early taste of the project.

Posters are plastered all over random locations in New York City and Los Angeles, giving fans the chance to use QR codes to unlock snippets from the album.

A few have already been discovered and are going viral on social media ahead of the 17-track LP’s arrival. To access the snippets, open Snapchat and focus the device’s camera on the poster and the QR code should pop up.

Victor Victor CEO Steven Victor revealed on Sunday (July 11) that Pop’s forthcoming album will be titled Faith.

It’s been nearly a year-and-a-half since Pop Smoke — born Bashar Jackson — was shot and killed by five armed robbers at a rented Hollywood Hills mansion on February 19, 2020. One of the accused killers, Corey Walker, recently learned he wouldn’t be facing the death penalty if convicted.

The Brooklyn native’s Shoot For The Stars Aim For The Moon album was a major commercial success. The July 2020 album is the best-selling Hip Hop album of 2021 so far.

As far as the new project goes, Steven Victor and Pop’s manager Rico Beats have remained quiet when it comes to possible features. One fan theory believes pop star Dua Lipa will be making a guest appearance after she posted a video of Pop Smoke jamming out to her hit “One Kiss.”

For those in the NYC and Los Angeles areas, keep an eye out for the Pop Smoke posters.

Listen to the snippets already discovered below.