Has Jonathan Majors Accuser Fled The Country? Were Charges Coming To Her?


Today, in the New York Criminal Court, Hollywood actor Jonathan Majors made an appearance for his trial, only to encounter a MAJOR delay as the prosecution was not prepared to present their case. The trial hit a snag due to the unexpected absence of his accuser, who has reportedly fled the country.


BUT WHY? The woman in question had a slam dunk of a case. She is a woman, excuse me, a white woman accusing a Black man of assault. That man, the Marvel megastar, looked really bad despite quite a lot of evidence that suggested he was innocent. Honestly, his legal team made this harder than it should have been. But I digress.

Apparently, the NYPD is actively seeking to charge her with assault. Yes, she was reportedly the aggressor in this case, but that was not headline news. This is not either. You barely see anything on it. Jonathan Majors was accompanied by his girlfriend, Megan Good, who stood by his side for support.

The situation is ongoing, and further updates on the trial will be provided as they become available BUT…how does this look? She seems like a fugitive to me! I could not find one headline that suggested she was MIA, only that it was delayed. You have to shout out Black journalist Dennis Byron for helping bring this to the light. There were others, but this was the first one I saw.

This is great news for Marvel fans! “Loki,” is making a comeback for a second season and Majors plays the role of Kang the Conqueror. The just re-released promotion for the popular series that featured Majors! Previously, he was excluded from all promo, including the recent Ant-Man movie – post controversy.

I am sure they will follow the legal matters surrounding Jonathan Majors, but for now…we in there!

Jonathan Majors’ accuser is MIA, but has she fled the country to avoid her own assault charges?