Ice Spice Travels So Much She Practically Lives In Hotel Rooms


Ice Spice has had an absolutely meteoric rise to fame. In about a year she transformed from bubbling underground rapper to mainstream pop superstar. Along the way, she’s picked up four top-10 hits. Among them is a song from the soundtrack for the biggest film of the summer and collaborations with superstars like Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj. Earlier this summer she released the deluxe edition of her Like…? EP. The project spawned yet another hit for her with “Deli” and established her as a presence on the Billboard 200.

It’s unsurprising that her speedy rise to fame hasn’t given her much time to settle down. “The truth is, I’m everywhere. I’m constantly moving,” Ice Spice said in a recent interview with Variety. Because of the nature of her new lifestyle, she doesn’t really have a place to call home. “I’m always moving because people are starting to notice me a lot, and things get weird and creepy really quickly. But I mostly be staying in hotel rooms; that’s really where I live,” she explains. It’s one of a number of details she reveals about her life throughout the interview. Check out the full thing below.

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Ice Spice Starting To Get Noticed A Lot

Ice Spice interviews have been making waves for months now. For the very same Variety piece, they spoke to Taylor Swift who gave some strong words to the young rapper’s professionalism. In a more recent interview, Central Cee spoke on how Spice’s demeanor reminds him of himself.

In that same interview, Ice Spice elaborated on why she respects the opinions of music critics. She brought up how much time they spend analyzing and critiquing and the fact that they put their face and name behind their work. She explained that compared to anonymous social media users, she cared about the opinions of the critics more. What do you think of Ice Spice’s revelation that she basically lives in hotel rooms? Let us know in the comment section below.

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