Is Kanye Leaving Adidas?


Kanye has been with Adidas since 2013. Since his partnership, Yeezy has become one of the biggest sneaker brands in the world. However, as of late, Kanye has not been happy with Adidas for stealing his ideas and not appointing him to the board despite generating over a billion dollars in revenue for the company. Kanye’s recent IG posts have many wondering if he will leave Adidas and bring his Yeezy ideas to another sneaker company.

Over the last week, Kanye has been more active on IG, airing out his grievances with Adidas executives, most notably Daniel Cherry III, the newly appointed Senior Vice President at Adidas. He also took the time to post headshots of all Adidas executives on his IG. Not only were the executives called out, but Ye also called out the lawyer who Adidas hired to allegedly change his Adidas contract.

Under the post, Kanye told Adidas that it is going to cost “billions” to keep him and threatened to leave Adidas by Tuesday, September 6.

“I have no chill It’s going to cost you billions to keep me It’s goin to cost you billions to let me go adidas” Ye wrote. Y”ou stole my fucking designs amongst other things I’ll give you to Tuesday I’m not waiting 7 months to leave like the breach letter I sent you refers to It’s up now I’m going to make things unbearable And I promise I’ve only been playing nice i know eeeeeeeverythning I promise The fake shoes yall sold behind my back in China Eeeeeverything.”

West’s attack on Adidas has many of his devout fans siding with him and pushing for his exit from Adidas. One Yeezy fan page had posted “@kanyewest Ye we need the list of unapproved YEEZY’s we the REAL YEEZY ARMY & we ain’t buying colorways designed by [clowns].”

Ye reposted the message on his Instagram, with a caption that explained that Adidas had tried to buy Yeezy from him for a billion dollars.

“The fact adi felt they could color my shoes and name them without my approval is really wild But I promise everyone adidas is not as wild as me,” Ye wrote. “I really really care about building something that changes the world and something I can leave to my kids They tried to buy me out for 1 billion dollars My royalties next year are 500 million dollars alone Daniel Cherry Pop makes 2 million a year Yeezy’s are 68 percent of adidas on line sales You guys thought cause DCP Daniel Cherry Pop went to Warden that he could politely give me a billion dollars to hand everything I built over.”