Jada Pinkett Smith Calls Tupac Shakur Her “Soulmate”


Jada Pinkett Smith is at the center of a lot of interesting conversations right now after some bombshell interviews about her life and career. Moreover, a lot of that relates to the shocking revelation that, apparently, she and Will Smith live separately and have been separated since around 2016. Of course, given all the public scandals that came up around their relationship in the years between 2016 and 2023, this caught a lot of people by surprise. In addition, it’s not like they didn’t make their bond public, so this raised a lot of eyebrows online. Regardless, during a new interview with Christal Jordan, editor at Rolling Out, it seems like the actress and talk show host might be digging her hole a little deeper.

Furthermore, these new comments center around relationship rumors that have dogged her for a long time: the legendary Tupac Shakur. If you for whatever reason didn’t know, the two went to school together and had a very close bond up until his tragic passing in 1996. While Jada Pinkett Smith has always denied this speculation, it’s something that many criticize her for to this day, as she’s still talking about a man who’s no longer here while she has a man who is. Whether you agree with this jealous point of view or not, its still something that took new meaning with this context around Will in mind.

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Jada Pinkett Smith Says There Was “No Chemistry” Romantically With Tupac

“A soulmate, yeah,” Jada Pinkett Smith said of Tupac Shakur during the interview in question. “If there is such a thing as past lives, I definitely think ‘Pac and I have traveled a few together. You know, in various forms. It just wasn’t possible,” she said of whether she regrets not ever being romantically involved with the rapper. “There was no chemistry between us. And I talk about it in the book, you know! I know, it’s that friendship-love chemistry, trust me.”

Meanwhile, we’re sure that plenty more gossip and speculation will emerge as a result of all this. It’s not easy to just drop this information out of nowhere and not expect media to go wild with it. All that aside, hopefully fans and viewers can understand what’s important and what’s just speculative, especially with the vivid and tumultuous story of Jada. For more news and the latest updates on Jada Pinkett Smith and Tupac Shakur, stick around on HNHH.

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