Every step that he’s taken along the way has led him to this specific moment in time. While there was no
doubt about the fact that people were instantly digging the vibe of the music he released shortly after he
graduated high school under his past alias as Jeremie Luca$ – there was also no doubt that the man
behind it all knew he had that much more to bring to his craft. Spending serious time in the lab as he
refined his many talents to reflect the massive scale of his career ambitions & put himself in a real
position to succeed in the music industry, he switched up his name to Jae Lucas as he shifted gears into
the professional realm. Coming hot off the release of his latest single “She Gonna Leave Me” that helped
to establish his name further on the playlists of listeners all around the globe, Lucas returns at long last
for the spring of 2023 with his brand-new single called “Morphine” to heat up ya speakers for the
summer ahead.


True, that a quick reset can lead directly to the most significant breakthroughs, Lucas is about to start up
the ride through the most groundbreaking year of his career to-date. From the cleverly faded sound of
his brand-new single, to the roots of his 90s style lyricism, to the dedication, confidence, and genuine
attention to detail he’s bringing to this next chapter of his career, “Morphine” is audible proof that Lucas
has leveled-up in every way. Revealing the professional ice in his veins as he drops the most addictive
hooks that listeners are going to hear this year and bringing a combination of minimalistic Boom-Bap
designed to produce maximum vibrance and irrefutable sound from start to finish – “Morphine” is the
cut that is destined to propel Lucas to the top of the charts & keep him there as he surges forward in

An undeniable wordsmith that is gifted with unparalleled charisma, even the icy chilled-out rhythm and
groove of “Morphine” confirms that Lucas has the kind of bold ideas & refreshing skills required pioneer
a dying art & generate excitement with the masses listening. Following the blueprint of legendary icons
like Nas and Kevin Parker of Tame Impala, while flexing his own innovative individuality with sonic
dynamics second to none in his sound, Lucas has redesigned his vibe to provide an experience unlike any
other. Armed with authenticity and substance in every bar of his new single – “Morphine” is a potent
dose of the high-caliber style that Lucas brings to music that deserves its flowers.
Take a trip into the euphoric melody of “Morphine” this spring and join Lucas in celebration of his return
as he takes his music straight from the heart of Columbia and goes to new heights beyond his own
comprehension. From ambient synths to the modest degree of personality he puts into every word he
generally says – he has nothing but to” Become” as he says and takes his career to new Plato. He
couldn’t do it without each & every one of YOU listening…or be more grateful for sharing in his success
as he becomes again, “Jae Lucas”.

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