Jayson Tatum Gifted Kevin Hart His 5-Year-Old Son’s Jersey and It Fit Perfectly


“This is my son’s jersey, but they told me it might fit,” Tatum said. “And I know how much you love the Celtics. Just try it on for me, this is how I get Deuce dressed in the morning.”

Hart, who’s a Philadelphia native and a diehard 76ers fan, reluctantly put on the 5-year-old’s jersey.

“I knew it would fit,” Tatum said with a smile. “Look good on you, too.”

“It actually don’t fit bad. It’s like a 2T?” asked Hart, referencing the size. “Shouts out to Deuce. Thank you.”

When asked about how close he thinks the Boston Celtics are to the NBA championship, Tatum says he’s optimistic. “Our team looks a little different, which I’m excited and sad about. Like [Marcus] Smart and Grant [Williams] are gone but we’ve got some great new additions,” he said.

Hart added with a grin, “One thing that stands in the way of that of course are the Philadelphia 76ers.”

“Do they?” replied Tatum.

“We will, eventually,” Hart said, grimacing.