Jeezy Or JAY-Z? Memphis Bleek Weighs In On Who The Bigger Artist Is


Memphis Bleek has laughed off the recently-raised notion that Jeezy was once bigger than JAY-Z. “Bigger where? As in weight or music? Jeezy is humongous. Snowman when I first went to Atlanta, the snowman I always thought was frosty. And then they told me, ‘No, it’s Jeezy.’ And so I said, ‘He’s a big muthaf-cka, he killed that.’ If you can change the snowman from being Frosty, and when a person see snowman, they think they of you? But bigger than Hov? Hov is the — c’mon man, what Drake and them say? Big as the Super Bowl,” Bleek told TMZ.

Furthermore, Bleek took some playful shots at Hov about his extended absence from a JAY-Z project. “He know I’m nicer than him. That’s why. He know I burn him. He don’t want to put me on no record when he know I’ma smoke his boots. He like Bleek, nah. Put Bleek away. He too nice right now,” Bleek teased.

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Who Claimed Jeezy Was Bigger Than JAY-Z?

It was Quality Control founder Coach K who originally claimed that Jeezy was bigger than JAY-Z. “We put that mixtape out in July. And by February, we did $6 million on the road. All cash. We hadn’t even put an album out yet. And then we did Trap or Die mixtape, I knew it was a wrap. “JAY was much bigger, but I’m saying relevant. It’s moments where some of these smaller artists is more relevant than the bigger artists,” K claimed on the Business Untitled podcast.

However, he’s not the only one coming for JAY-Z. DaBaby also took a recent shot at Hov, telling Shannon Sharpe he had a better jail verse. “Jay-Z, I ain’t got nothing but respect for you. Was your verse better than mine? Come on, OG. It wasn’t. That’s okay. We ain’t do it at the same time. It ain’t like you had the ability to be able to say, ‘Hold on, [let me do it over].’ We did it in two different times. But definitely,” DaBaby argued as Sharpe refused to get involved.

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