Jeezy Recalls Sister Leaving Husband For Stealing From Him


Jeezy recently opened up about how there are, in fact, mo’ problems with mo’ money. During an interview on Rap Radar, Jeezy reveals his sister’s husband stole money from him a few years back. Luckily, after discovering her husband had stolen from him, she immediately filed for divorce. In Jeezy’s opinion, it was the “realest sh*t” someone could do.

The rapper explained that he initially stashed money at her house because he had run out of places to stash his cash. Judging by the comment section, fans agree with the sister’s decision. “Most women would have chosen their husband (like Latocha from Xscape) and not talk to their brother ever again,” one fan commented on a clip of the segment posted by The Hip-Hop Wolf. “moral of the story is her husband put her in a bad position where she had to make a life altering decision that I’m sure affected her and her children. Most people aren’t going to make that decision family or not.”

“That’s The Realest Sh*T In The World To Me,” He Says

In more positive news, the rapper recently added author to his list of accolades. He recently discussed the title of his new book, Adversity For Sale, explaining that he hopes the memoir serves as inspiration for his audience to achieve their dreams. He spoke about the book during a new sit-down with Good Morning America. “I think people always tell you about their success stories, but one thing that I’ve learned about life is that in every failure there’s a lesson,” he said.

He continued: “And every time I ever failed it set me up for my next task. I think to share your failures with your community and your peers and people that love you. They’ll just start to understand that it’s never too late, and that they can always push through, because sometimes you get in situations where you think it’s the end when it’s really the beginning.”

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