Jonathan Majors Gets Mixed Results With Verdict In Assault & Harassment Trial


A New York jury found Jonathan Majors guilty of reckless assault in the third degree and harassment on Monday (December 18). The actor was acquitted of intentional assault in the third degree and aggravated harassment in the second degree.

Jurors deliberated for roughly five hours over three days before reaching a verdict. Jonathan Majors was on trial for assault and harassment charges in connection to a March 2023 incident involving his then-girlfriend Grace Jabbari.

Last March, Majors called 911 and told police he found Jabarri unconscious at his apartment. Cops arrested the actor after discovering apparent injuries to Jabarri.

Jabbari accused Majors of causing her injuries in an altercation in a car. According to her testimony, the incident stemmed from her seeing a text on his phone that read “Oh how I wish to be kissing you.” She tried to take his phone as their argument became physical. Jabbari testified that Majors grabbed her, twisted her arm behind her back and hit her in the head.

Footage of the incident surfaced online. Surveillance video provided no view of what happened inside the vehicle, but Majors was seen throwing Jabbari back into the car when she tried to get out the door. The defense claimed Majors did so to stop her from running into traffic.

Video showed Majors running away from Jabbari after he picked her up and shoved her in the car. She attempted to chase him. Majors ended up at a hotel. He returned to his apartment hours later and allegedly found Jabbari unconscious. He called 911 to report that Jabbari may have attempted suicide. Jurors heard his 911 call.

The jury determined Majors did not intentionally assault Jabbari but convicted him on misdemeanor charges in the domestic violence case. Majors is scheduled to be sentenced on February 6, 2024. He faces up to a year in jail.