Juice Potter Drops Music Video For Self-Title Single “Potter”


Young and Fresh, Juice Potter, shares a new music video for his latest Hip Hop track “Potter.” The single follows the 10-track album Project Potter, released in 2020, that included songs like “Sauce Pt.2,” “Project Pott,” “Count Up,” “Talk Is Cheap,” “Changed Up,” “Huskies,” and others.

Mixed and mastered by Luchi Walli, “Potter” was recorded at the Heavy artillery studio. As for the clip, the rapper and songwriter worked closely with Faseeh Bhatti, who directed the fun-loving video at a grand mansion.

Juice confessed recently that “Potter” is an introduction to who he is and where he comes from. “It’s telling you my story,” explains the artist, “some of the things I had to deal with along the way, some of the things that I want to see in the future, some of the things that I want to do, the impacts I want to have on the youth.”

With his songs, Potter hopes to empower and encourage people to take risks, “Cause without taking risks, you ain’t gonna have no success. You’re gonna be stuck doing the same shit forever. So my message really is, take that risk, whatever that risk is for you, whatever that means to you, take that risk. And also my message is about family. Like, it’s about keeping the people that’s close to you, the people that really care about you, the people that you really care about.”

Following “Potter,” Juice is preparing to release his upcoming EP Potterville 2. He also teases a new unexpected project, “I still have an R&B project I want to put out, I want to tap into that side and I’m shooting to put that tape out by Valentine’s Day. I just want to remain versatile and keep my fans fed and happy.”

Watch the music video for “Potter” here: