Kanye West Says ‘God Told Me To Build’ Donda University


Kanye West has revealed plans to one day build a college campus in honor of his late mother Donda West.

On Friday (September 9), Ye posted text messages on Instagram that reference him getting the ball rolling toward the launch of Donda University.

Instead of expanding the Donda Academy campus in Simi Valley, California, Yeezy wants to take Young Thug up on his offer of 100 acres of land and plant his flag in rural Georgia.

“I’d rather move the trees on Young Thug property,” he said in a text message. “I got 2 Chainz calling the mayor now. To launch build Donda University.”


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Kanye also changed his profile picture on Instagram to a photo of Young Thug, standing in solidarity with the incarcerated YSL rapper, who he wants to help from a legal standpoint. Thugger is headed to trial in his RICO case in January where he faces a possible hefty sentence.

With his late mother being an educator, the Chicago-bred mogul has long talked about the importance of education and his desire to build a creative campus for the youth. He previously spoke to Joe Rogan about his hopes to create a gospel university for singers.

“The songs that we’re doing at Sunday Service is basically my book of hymns for the future gospel university that I’m creating,” Ye told Rogan in 2020. “I’ve envisioned and will manifest a 200,000-seat stadium, circular, with 100,000 gospel singers.

“People will go to this university and they will train the way a Russian Olympic swimmer [does]. Picture like they will be in the pool, six days a week, at least, if not seven days.”

He continued: “People don’t practice that as much as we practice going to studio to rap, or practice playing basketball for the NBA. It’s making the NBA, so to say, the coliseum for God. Have you heard like soccer chants with 60,000 people? I envision that for God — 100,000 people sometimes singing in harmony.”