Keinemusik Preview New Drake Song — Listen


Keinemusik is a German Electronic music label made up of Adam Port, &ME, Rampa and Reznik. This weekend, they had a show at The Brooklyn Mirage and while there, they previewed a new collaboration with Drake.

Avid fans will know that this isn’t the first collaboration between the powerhouses. On Honestly, Nevermind, the group had production credits on ‘Falling Back’ and ‘A Keeper’. Plus around the same time, Drake did a remix of their song ‘Confusion’ that didn’t make the LP. This new song seems to be in the same vein as all of those records. Drake reposted part of the snippet to his IG story earlier too.

Perhaps this gives credence to the fan theory that a sequel to HNVM is on the way this summer. Listen to the snippet below and listen to Drake’s latest pair of features on C,XOXO here.