"Killer Mike Unveils First Solo Album in a Decade and Drops New Single ‘Don’t Let the Devil’ – Listen Now!"


Rapper and activist Killer Mike has excitedly announced the upcoming release of his new solo album. This highly anticipated project will be his first solo work since 2012’s “R.A.P. Music.” Killer Mike has been actively working with rapper and producer El-P as a part of their critically acclaimed duo, Run The Jewels, which has released four albums since 2013. Fans are eagerly waiting to hear what Killer Mike has in store for them with this latest solo effort.

In addition to the album announcement, Killer Mike has also teased a new song featuring El-P, offering a taste of what’s to come. The collaboration between the two artists has consistently produced powerful and thought-provoking music, tackling pressing social and political issues. This new track is expected to deliver the same level of intensity and lyrical prowess that fans have come to expect from the duo.

Killer Mike’s solo album announcement comes at a time when the rapper is heavily involved in activism and community building. He has been an outspoken advocate for social justice and economic empowerment, using his platform to promote change and inspire action. The forthcoming album is likely to reflect Killer Mike’s passion for these issues, offering listeners an insightful and engaging musical experience.

As anticipation builds for Killer Mike’s new solo album, fans can look forward to another compelling addition to his discography. With the promise of a collaboration with El-P, the album is set to deliver a powerful fusion of their individual talents and shared vision. The release will not only showcase Killer Mike’s skills as a solo artist but also reinforce his role as an influential voice in music and activism.