Kodak Black Claims He’s Being ‘Racially Profiled’ By Police Following Latest Arrest: ‘Ima Sue’


Kodak Black was arrested in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida on July 15 after police discovered 31 Oxycodone pills and over $50,000 in cash in his possession. Officers claimed his tint was too dark and he was driving with expired tags.

But his attorney Bradford Cohen later claimed the medication he had on him was prescribed by his doctor. After having a couple of weeks to mull it over, it seems the Bill Israel rapper is still seething over his latest run-in with the law. On Tuesday night (July 26), Kodak Black fired off multiple tweets bemoaning his situation and vowing to sue the officers who took him into custody.

“This Shit bogus Af I feel like this a character assassination issue Kuz theirs no way I should be getting harassed bout my tag being expired,” he wrote. “That’s no reason to even search my car in the first place and going to jail about having my medication in the car is insane. Ima Sue these people for every dollar I gotta spend bout this shit!”

Kodak Black went on to say he felt like he was being unfairly targeted due to the color of his skin. He also asserted he should be able to have tint on his windows considering his celebrity status.

“I’m being racially profiled and as a Black man in America,” he continued. “I deserve my freedom especially with everything I do for my community I should be getting love, respect and support from the authorities ! To move freely , not getting arrested for expired tag and dark windows.

“This a self inflicted wound that coulda been prevented! My people posta made sure my tags stay up and my tints just right but @ da same time I should have a pass to drive with tints due to my status AT LEAST !!! I show all this love round here just to get slapped in the face.”

Kodak Black was booked into Broward County Jail the night of his arrest. Although he was quickly bailed out, Kodak is now dealing with several legal ramifications. In court records obtained by VladTV, a federal judge placed the 25-year-old rapper on house arrest.

He also agreed to a $225,000 surety bond, drug testing and must wear a GPS ankle monitor and remain at home unless for medical reasons, court appearances or employment. He’s required to give 48 hours notice before concerts and must ask his supervising officer for permission to leave his home for any other reasons.

The court order reportedly added there’s “no studio events” either unless approved by a judge in advance.