Kourtney Kardashian Says She Had ‘Urgent Fetal Surgery,’ Thanks Travis Barker for Rushing to Be With Her


Following the last-minute postponement of Blink-182’s European dates, a source told People that Kardashian was “back home” shortly after attending to what fans only knew as an “urgent family matter” at the time. “She is feeling better. She is happy to have Travis back home too.”

The married couple announced they were expecting their first baby together during a Blink-182 show in June. She announced the news by holding up a banner that read, “Travis I’m Pregnant,” a reference to the music video for their hit song “All the Small Things.” The two got married in 2022 in a ceremony hosted in Italy.

In an appearance on Complex’s GOAT Talk, the 47-year-old drummer sat down with his 17-year-old daughter Alabama to discuss their favorite GOATed things, including holiday traditions and baby names. “GOAT baby name?” he asked, to which she joked, “Audemars, Milan, fuckin’ Patek.” Her father said he liked the name “Rocky 13,” because it’s a name that’s “just been going in my head lately.” She wasn’t a fan, but he explained why he was feeling the name.

“Rocky George played guitar for Suicidal Tendencies, and 13 is just the greatest number of all time,” he added. “And Rocky, the greatest boxing movie of all time.” It’s unclear what Barker and Kardashian plan to name their child, but we do know they’re expecting a baby boy.