Lil Wayne Says “Backpack Rapper” Kevin Durant Ruined Surprise For “Carter VI” Album Collab


Lil Wayne has revealed he has an unreleased collaboration with Kevin Durant that nearly made his collaborative album with 2 Chainz, Welcome 2 Collegrove.

On Thursday (December 21) Weezy appeared in a new interview and addressed the track, saying the NBA champion actually spoiled his surprise to release the track on his upcoming album, Carter VI.

“Why would KD do that because that was on the wrap, that was on the low—see now that you did that I just want you to know you messed up,” he said in part. “That song was being considered to be on Carter VI and now since you’re saying something, it’s not goin’ on Carter VI.‘”

Wayne continued, explaining why he wouldn’t be honoring KD’s request to release a snippet. “No I am not going to playing a snippet because I just told the people how important the song and the verse is,” he said. “Actually it was supposed to go on the Collegrove [Welcome 2 Collegrove] album with me and 2 Chainz that just came out but, I saved it, I wanted it for something else.”

Not only did Wayne go on to describe KD’s talent level as a lyricist, he also praised him as as a special talent.

“KD’s a jewel like something of the past,” Wayne said about KD’s rap skills. “Because he’s a backpack rapper. I can imagine he probably could call a timeout in a game, and probably ask him to rap and he probably got a verse for you.”

Check out the clip of the interview below.